How to Replace Missing Attic Insulation

In hot weather, your attic is the hottest place in your house. The extreme heat absorbed by your attic transfers into other parts of your house. It causes you to use air conditioning system more in order to cool down your house.

Similarly in winter, attic becomes the coolest portion in your house and the extreme coldness it absorbs is transmitted to other rooms and areas of your hour house. As a result it increased the demand of heating system in your house.

However, proper insulation of attic helps to minimize the rate of heat or cold transfer and eventually saves your money.


– Mask Gloves
– Goggles
– Trash bags
– Caulking gun
– Caulk- Insulation
– Vapor area rolls
– Stapler


  • 1

    Remove and get rid of the current insulation

    First of all you need to set off the present insulation in your attic if your are to replace your missing attic insulation. After removing it, you need to place it in a plastic bag to later throw it in your bin. Remember to tightly seal the bag so no particles escape from it.

    Note that you need to look after yourself when you are disposing your present insulation. You need to take protective measures by wearing gloves, mask and goggles.

  • 2

    Fill gaps around wire

    Next you need to cover gaps around wires with the help from caulk.

    Remember to choose faced insulation against walls and take measures for protection against animals and insects.

    You can also use vapor barrier which will help you cover the spaces between plastics. You can staple these plastic rolls on the gaps.

  • 3

    Apply fiberglass batts

    In addition to batts being cheap and easy to use, they can easily be folded and unfolded. You need to get these fiberglass batts and apply them as they are also easy to manage.

    Note that batts are the best type of insulation materials.

  • 4

    Take correct measurements between supports

    You need to measure the space between supports so you can buy the fiberglass batts of the width you determined. This will help you save time and money as you won’t need to cut extra.

    Remember not to unroll the batts when you bring them in your house. They can easily be carried into your attic in this form.

  • 5

    Work towards the center of the attic

    You should work towards the center of your attic, starting from the walls.

    Note that you need to avoid starting from exits in order to avoid trapping yourself.

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