How to Retrieve a Lost Windows Password

Sometimes, it becomes really important to protect your Windows account using a password, especially if you do not want anyone to have an authorised access to it. However, things can get complicated if forget or lose the password yourself.

If you find yourself in such a situation, do not lose hope as there is still a way to retrieve your lost Windows password. You will not exactly get your old password back, but you can remove it and set a new one.


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    The first thing you need to do is to log on to another computer that has an Internet access. Use that computer to download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0. If there is a new version of the programme available, download that. You can use Google’s search engine to search for the programme, or simply visit to download it from there.

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    Once the programme is downloaded, decompress it on the PC. You will notice that the file you just decompressed has an .ISO format.

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    Burn the .ISO file to a DVD using a DVD burning tool such as Roxio, MagicISO or Nero. All three programmes are really good and are extremely easy to use.

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    Once you have burnt the .ISO file to the DVD, take it out of the DVD burner and insert it into the DVD Rom connected to the computer with lost Windows password.

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    You need to change the boot sequence of your computer so that it starts with DVD Rom instead of hard-disk. In order to do that, keep tapping the “Del” key on the keyboard when you turn the computer on. You will hear a beep and will be taken to the Bios setup. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to get to the “Boot Device Priority” or “Boot Sequence” which may be found in “Advanced Boot Features” in the more recent Bios. Move to “1st Boot Priority” and press “Enter” to change it. Select your DVD Rom and press “Enter” to set it as the first boot priority. Change the “2nd Boot Priority” to “Hard Disk” or whatever the name of your hard-disk is.  Return to the main Bios screen and exit it by selecting “Save and Exit Setup.”

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    The computer will restart and boot from DVD Rom. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to remove your old password.

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    Once your old password is removed, return to the Bios setup and return the “Boot Device Priority” or “Boot Sequence” to its original settings. Save the changes and exit the Bios setup. The computer will reboot.

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