How to Rip DVDs to iPhone with Leawo DVD to iPhone Converter

iPhone is a great multimedia device and one of the features it is widely acclaimed for is its ability to play High Definition (HD) content. The latest version of the smartphone, the iPhone 5 is capable of playing and recording 1080p Full HD videos. Another great feature that the Cupertino-based giant Apple Inc. has incorporated into the latest devices is its ability to take photos and record videos at the same time. And that’s not it. You can also edit your videos on the smartphone with its built-in software just by dragging its starting and ending points on the timeline. Sharing has become one of its great features as you can simply email the videos or send them through an MMS.

In addition to the built-in capabilities of this device, you can also rip your favourite DVD movies to be played on the iPhone. There are many ways to do it but doing it with Leawo DVD to iPhone converter is an easy way through which you can do this.

We will now explain the process to you in a very simple manner by which you will have all your favourite movie titles in the palm of your hand.


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    First of all, you will require to download the Leawo DVD to iPhone converter from their website, You can download either the Windows or Mac version from the product page.

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    Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you will need to start the program and import the DVD title you want to be converted for your iPhone. The DVD title can be imported if you have saved it on your hard disk or alternatively, from the DVD drive of your computer.

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    After you load the DVD file in your program, you will have to open the profile panel of the software and choose iPhone as the output profile. This will ensure that the DVD file is converted optimally to be played on your iPhone.

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    Next to the profile panel, you can click on the Settings panel in order to change the output file parameters. Video codec, audio codec, bit rate, aspect ratio and the like are some of the variable parameters you can adjust in this step.

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    Once you fine tune all the parameters, click on Convert button to begin the converting process. The conversion rate of Leawo DVD to iPhone Converter is quite fast as it uses batch process to handle the files.

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    That’s it. Once the conversion process is complete, you can sync it to your iPhone through iTunes.

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