How to Rope a Steer Head

The combination of speed, strength and skill is what it takes to roping a steer. In rodeo competitions steer roping holds great importance, as it is an integral part of this extravaganza. Once you become experienced in this art you can fancy your ability in front of your fans which could even earn you some money. The basic concept which you need to master is to learn to throw your lasso with enough velocity that you would actually be able to catch the head of the steer. To perfect your ability keep reading this article.


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    The first step should be to expand the lasso’s head. A slipknot should be used to coil the lasso head which will hold it. Now slip the knot down to make the lasso head.

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    If you are right handed, then you need to hold the coils in your left hand and lasso loop in your right. Do this as you hold onto the edge of the loop.

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    Now moving your throwing hand in a circle, throw the lasso loop over your head. You have to be careful while swinging the loop, making sure that it is away from your body and over your head so that it can easily be caught by your right arm.

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    As you swing the lasso you have to keep the loop open.

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    Approaching the steer is another issue which needs your due attention, as it is recommended that the steer be facing away from you while at the same time the horse’s shoulder should be parallel with the hip of the steer.

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    In the next step you have to throw the lasso in a way that it is in front of the steer's head. You now have to point the index finger of your right hand at the base of the horn on the steer which is near you. This will allow you to keep the loop of the lasso open.

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    You have to be patient and hold the top with all your force until the steer comes to a stop. To close the slipknot you will now have to pull back on the lasso. This will also help you in securing the steer.  If the lasso catches onto the horns then everything is secure.

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