How to Scrapbook Elementary Schoolwork

If one of your children or younger siblings is in elementary school and brings work home, you can make a perfect scrapbook to capture all the memories for him/her. The best time to make a scrapbook is when the kid is in school, since he/she will not be disturbing you.

It is obviously a difficult task to review all the schoolwork in order to select a few special pieces, but your effort and patience in this regard is what is going to make the scrapbook so valuable. Following a few easy steps, you can be on your way to create memorable schoolwork scrapbooks.

Things Required:

– A scrapbook
– Scissor
– Schoolwork
– Pictures
– Decorative items


  • 1

    Gather all the schoolwork:

    The first thing you need to do is gather all the schoolwork. You should arrange all the schoolwork in a chronological order and then start reviewing it. You can save a lot of time by separating written work from drawings etc.

  • 2

    Choose the best work:

    Your next step will be to choose the best work for the scrapbook. Make sure that the selected pieces are unique and different. For instance, you may want to preserve the first text your kid writes, or his/her first drawing.

  • 3

    Get a scrapbook:

    After having selected the work you want to use, you need a scrapbook to put it all together. While it is possible to make your own scrapbook, you will do better to purchase one since they are better in terms of quality and not very expensive.

  • 4

    Decorate the scrapbook:

    You should decorate the scrapbook to make it more pleasing for the eyes. Plan your layout according to the work you are going to be pasting. For instance, if a piece of schoolwork is about the solar system, you can attach small stars and stickers on the scrapbook. This will add more color to the scrapbook and make it a pleasure to go through.

  • 5

    Start arranging the data:

    You can follow different patterns while arranging the schoolwork. The best and the easiest pattern is chronological order. Start your scrapbook with the oldest pieces of work and keep adding the latest work. This will give your scrapbook a sequence.

  • 6

    A Book for Each School:

    If your kid has attended multiple schools then another way is to dedicate a scrapbook to each school. However, you should add pictures of that school in the relevant scrapbook.

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