How to Sell Vinyl Record Collection

In this current day and age, there are many options when it comes to listening to music. There are CDs, MP3 players and much more. However, in yesteryear, people used to entertain themselves listening to music using vinyl records.

Many of these exist to this day and people actually still listen to them every now and again to refresh the memories of better times. Many people collect these as they can sell for a very good price.

If you have some vinyl records, you can make some money by selling them. The task is not very complicated and can be done with ease.


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    The condition of the record should be good in order to get a good price. A record that is in a bad state may sell for very little or not sell at all. When you are looking to sell, pick the ones that are in good condition.

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    Rarity of Records

    There are some records that are rare in nature. If you have any of these, they are more likely to sell with ease for a much higher price.

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    Check online to see what kind of value your records can get you. This will depend on the condition as well as the singer who sung that particular record. Famous singer’s records are obviously going to get you more than others.

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    Music Stores

    You can take the records that you wish to sell to music stores. They often stock old records which they sell to collectors. It is quite possible that they will take most if not all the records on offer. It is not a bad idea to visit more than a single store to see what kind of price is on offer from different places.

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    Online Auction Sites

    These provide you with an opportunity to sell your records not only locally but also internationally, thus giving you a greater chance of making some money. There are people who are interested in collecting these and having a greater market is always a good thing.

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    You can also directly get in touch with the collectors. These people are very willing to buy new records and should be able to take most of your collection provided the condition is good. They may actually offer you better prices than other channels if you have something that they are looking for specifically.

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