How to Send Email to a Cell Phone

Advancement in technology has made things easily accessible, and cell phones these days have made life a lot easier due to that advancement in technology. There is hardly anything that one cannot do on a cell phone. The latest technology has made it possible to send email to a mobile phone. However, you do need to know the service carrier of the mobile phone that you want to make the receiver of your message. There is hardly anything difficult in this procedure.

It is also possible to get calendar reminder through emails. Again, there is a need to know the service carrier. Fortunately, this service is usually absolutely free. By making a few simple moves, you can easily contact the phone numbers through an email.


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    First of all, you need to know the correct email address of the person you want to contact. This email address is essential to reach the person on his cell phone.

    The idea behind this service is very simple. A person sends the message through an email, whereas the receiver gets it as a message on his/her mobile phone. Nevertheless, one can also send pictures and other small attachments.

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    As far as the service carrier is concerned, no one can rely entirely on the mobile number. A lot of people do change the network while maintaining their original phone number.

    This practice has become very common these days. If you are not satisfied with the service of any mobile network, you can switch to another by keeping the same number.

    A phone number which was originally created by a network may have another service now. Such things make it very difficult to know the exact carrier of the number.

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    Different service providers use email addresses with the network’s name. To contact others, you must remember the following famous phone carriers email address.

    - T-Mobile:
    - Virgin Mobile:
    - Cingular:
    - Sprint:
    - AT&T:
    - Verizon: or for MultiMedia messages
    - Nextel:
    - US Cellular: or for picture messages
    - Cricket:
    - Tracfone:
    - MetroPCS:

    Just replace 1234567890 with the cell phone number of the receiver, and send the message. Don’t forget to add the area code.

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