How to Send Mail Using Script Task in SSIS

Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) offers the chance to its users to not only record the data but help then in analysing the data pattern with a wide range of tools. SSIS is widely used in the online business applications, mainly e-commerce. In order to keep pace with the technological changes, Microsoft updates its SQL server every year; therefore, it is of reasonable value that you should update your program. Not to mention, any user can send mails using script task in SSIS.


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    Install or update your SSIS

    In order to use SSIS for email purposes, it is highly recommended that you should have it installed in your computer. For this, you should contact an IT guy as you will need his help to install the program. You will be required to purchase the program before you could use it. For this, you must go to your nearest DVD centre or visit the Microsoft’s website and pay the fee to avail the facility. After you have, purchased the software, you must follow the instructions or take help of some expert.

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    Write subject

    Sending mail through SSIS is no different than using other programs; the only difference is that it is connected with the server of a closed network. It is of significant importance that you should choose the Subject line for your email. For this, you will have to decide what the mail is all about and make sure that you should choose suitable subject line. Remember that the subject line should give a clear message to the reader regarding what is the email all about.

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    Type the recipient’s address

    After you have written the subject line, you must type in the email address of the recipient bar. You should note the email address of the sender carefully and ensure that you have typed it in the given space accurately.

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    Write message

    Now you should write the message in detail regarding the topic. Remember that the main body of mail should include every detail about the topic. For this, first list down the points you want to include in the mail and then start typing them in the sequence. If you want to include any attachment, then you should also upload the file.

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    Send the mail

    After everything is ready, you must review your email and click on ‘send’ to dispatch it to the recipient.

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