How to Sign Up for Google Adsense

Google offers a unique way to help people advertise their companies and websites on the personal pages of others. This not only helps them in approaching a wider audience but in turn also allows people to earn some extra bucks while running their pages. The more famous the personal page is, the costlier the advertisement expenses will be, and this is mainly dependent on the amount of traffic drawn by a particular website. Google AdSense allows people to use this advertisement strategy as a method for earning money. Whenever a user clicks on an ad, he/she is routed to the relevant website and the owner of the page draws money for each visit.


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    Visit the AdSense page

    The first thing to do when applying for AdSense is to visit its home page and get registered. For this, you should turn on your computer and connect it to the internet. Subsequently, you should open your favourite web browser and visit the home page of Google. After the page is open, you must type ‘AdSense’ in the search bar and click on the first link that appears on the screen. Now, you will see a lot of options on the page; you must click on ‘Sign Up Now’ to open the registration form.

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    Provide information

    After the page is opened, you must start filling in the information that is required from you; you will have to provide your full name, contact number, address, account type and the URL of your website. It is important that you provide the correct information otherwise you will not be able to withdraw the money that will accumulate in your account every month.

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    Connect AdSense to an email address

    Now, you must connect your email address with AdSense. It is strongly advised that you use a Google account to avoid trouble. This will not only save you unnecessary headache but you will also be able to take benefit from it in a comfortable manner. After you have entered the desired email address, you must click on ‘continue’ to complete this step.

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    Login from your AdSense account

    After you have integrated your email address with AdSense, you must sign in using that email address. After you have signed in, you should click on the option ‘Activate AdSense Account’, and you will be able to place ads on your website wherever you want.

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