How to Set Camera Shutters

Shutter is a mechanical device in Camera that allows the light to pass through the lens for a determined period of time over the negative, which captures a permanent image.

Setting the Camera Shutters and Shutter Speed is one of the most difficult aspects of Digital Cameras, especially for the beginners. If one does not know how to manually set the shutters or shutter speed, it is recommended that they should choose automatic settings for this purpose.

Shutters have several types, and they can be fitted in several positions.


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    Focal Plane Shutter:

    It is the shutter that is fitted in front of the film, in the focal plane. An aperture moves across the film until the full frame has been exposed to the negative. This type of shutter is usually installed as a pair of light-tight cloth, plastic curtains or metal. In these types of shutters, the shutter speed is usually controlled with the help of the curtains, depending upon the camera. For instance, if the shutter speed is slower than the limit, one curtain of shutter closes after the perfect exposure of time and the other opens. Whereas, if one sets the shutter speed faster than their normal limit, then the top curtain of the shutter travels across and the other curtains follow it behind after it is closed, exposing each part of the sensor for the perfect timing.

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    Simple Leaf Shutter:

    It is the type of a camera shutter, consisting of a mechanism with a single or more than one metal leaves that do not allow light to hit the lens or negative. This type of camera shutter does not have the capability of changing the shutter speed, installed mostly in basic or beginner level cameras. However, some new digital cameras these days have the option of changing the shutter speed to some extent, as they have been manufactured by using both mechanical and electrical timings.

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    Diaphragm Shutter:

    It is a type of Camera Shutter that consists of several thin blades that momentarily uncover the camera to allow the light to hit the lens to make the exposure or image. The blades slide over each other in a circular way, and remain open for the determined amount of time. Larger number of blades makes the camera shutter more efficient. This type of shutter opens up instantly and closes instantly as well after remaining open for the required or determined amount of time.

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