How to Set Pop3 and SMTP for Yahoo Mail

The two email protocols POP which stands for Post Office Protocol and SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol permits user to mange his/her incoming and outgoing mails. These protocols need to have the correct setting in outlook if you wish to view your Yahoo mails in Outlook program. With the help of these mail protocols you can access Yahoo mail from any account that has POP enabled. Besides Outlook, thunderbird is another program which supports POP and SMTP.  By this way you will be able to reply to your business emails as well as the other important mails that are received on your Yahoo account.


  • 1

    Open your outlook and drag your cursor to the Tools option.

  • 2

    After clicking tools, select ‘Accounts Settings.’

  • 3

    A small window will appear on the screen with several tabs, select Email tab and click on New which is present right under the Email tab.

  • 4

    A new window will open up, which will ask you to enter your email address, your name along with a password. After retyping your password you will have to click ‘Next’.

  • 5

    Then a new message will appear on the screen in which you will have to select your

    Account type as POP3
    Type in the Incoming Mail Server
    Type in the Outgoing Mail Server

  • 6

    After completing this procedure follow the similar steps for the Internet Mail Logon; you will have to type your Yahoo email address, then password and do not forget to check the ‘Remember Password’ box. In the end click ‘Finish’.

  • 7

    After selecting the which is present below the Mail tab click ‘Properties’ and select ‘Servers’.

  • 8

    Check My server requires authentication’s box which is present below ‘Outgoing Mail Server’.

  • 9

    After that select ‘Advance’ and follow the procedure mentioned as follow:

    Type 465 in the Outgoing mail STMP and then check ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’s’ box.
    Then click ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’s checkbox.

  • 10

    In the end click OK and then click ‘Send/Receive.’

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