How to Set Your iPhone Apps to Download Automatically

Apple has made things further interesting for the iPhone users. Now, the iPhone automatically updates its apps. Although, it was never a huge issue, a few users find it really annoying to manually update the apps one by one.

Manual update had a few drawbacks, like entering the iTunes password every few days. Having the latest apps is extremely important. The application developers continue to fix the issues as well as add new features.


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    The automatic update is a great addition for the iPhone users, but it is not enabled by default. First of all, make sure your device has the latest operating system. In order to enjoy the automatic update feature, you must at least have iOS 5 or later installed on your iPhone.

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    Once you have confirmed the latest version of the operating system, the job is pretty easy to do. Open the settings by tapping the icon that you will find on your iPhone’s home menu.

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    After entering the settings, scroll down and locate the App Store icon. Tap the icon.

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    Things become very simple, once you have opened the App Store menu. You just need to turn on the feature called ‘Automatic Downloads’. A single tap will be enough to turn it on.

    By using the same iPhone settings menu, one can also turn on the automatic music downloads. Automatic downloading will make the situation very comfortable for you.

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    When enabling the automatic update feature, you need to keep a few things in mind. If you are using mobile data, this feature could cost you plenty of money.

    The automatic update feature will continue to work even if you are using the Internet provided by the network. Unlike Wifi, the network’s Internet is very expensive. You may receive a heavy bill, because the iPhone is not going to wait for the Wifi to update the apps.

    There is a very simple way to tackle this issue. You should enable the automatic update feature, only if you are using Wifi. Before using the mobile data, turn this feature off.

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    The automatic update feature has another serious issue. Some of your apps might be heavy in size. So, you need to stay within the range of the Wifi, once the iPhone starts updating. And unfortunately you can never be sure about the time when the phone starts updating.

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    You cannot revert to the older version of the app, once the update is done. This becomes an issue when you don’t find the latest version as friendly as the previous one.

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