How to Share a YouTube Video

There are many reasons as to why you would want to share a YouTube video. The most common is that it has caught your attention and you want others to check it out. If it is a video that you have uploaded, than the reason will definitely be the same, which is getting maximum exposure and reaching out to a huge market. This could have monetary benefits if the video is a promotional one about a brand, a company or a person.

Learning how to share a YouTube video is an essential skill that everyone should learn how to do.


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    Family and Friend Lists

    YouTube does not require you to have an account but making one is definitely beneficial if you are looking to share a video. Having a friends and family list, or more than one, will allow you to share a video with just a click of a button to everyone or just specific people in that list.

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    Mark the Video Public

    If you have not marked the video public, it will not be able to go out to everyone that would be potentially interested in watching it. You need to mark it public so that everyone can access it, unless you only want a specific group of people doing so.

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    Video URL

    Sharing the video URL is the easiest of tasks when it comes to sharing a video on YouTube. It is important to remember that by giving the link, you will allow whoever can view that link to check out the video. Social networking websites like Facebook will automatically pick up the video and have a complete description to go with it when you simply enter the URL.

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    Having a channel of your own on YouTube and getting people to subscribe is a great way to broadcast automatically to a huge audience. Some people on YouTube have thousands of subscribers, allowing them to easily show which videos they have updated and the latest content being offered to watch.

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    By making a blog, you are attracting people off normal search engines and not just YouTube. Embedding the links of your videos into your blog will allow a huge following of people to be able to watch your video directly from the blog instead of having to log in to YouTube to perform the same task. This is a great way to get some decent traffic as well.

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