How to Solve Neopets Mystery Picture

Neopets is a website that publishes a mystery image every week. And this mystery image is a real challenge to be solved. The participants can locate this picture anywhere on the neopets website and the one who actually finds the right image is rewarded! If you are thinking about a software that will help you do this, than it is better not to go for it as there is no fail-safe software that could solve the mystery for sure! So we will have to make our own guess. The very first step that is taken in order to solve this problem is to go the Neopets website and then identify the picture that you think can be the right choice. After identifying the picture, we identify the basic colors used in the mystery image and then compare those with the chosen image. A photo editing software like Photoshop is used to see the common colors in the two matches. This process continues until the exact match is found.

Things Needed:

-Image Editor

-Image database of Neopets


  • 1

    Identifying the size of the original image:

    The first step is to identify the size of the original image. The mystery image will be displayed in the form of pixels that appear like colored boxes. Since the mystery image is enlarged to the extent that it makes it easy for us to count the number of pixels so first we will calculate these colored boxes. This can be done by counting them along the left/right edge and bottom/top edge of our mystery image. And the size of our original image will be:

    (Number of colored boxes along the right/left edge) x (Number of colored boxes along the top/bottom edge) pixels.

    Note this size as this will help you choose the image from the

  • 2

    Resizing the image

    Now in order to refine our search more, resize the image to the original size.

  • 3

    Selecting the Image that looks like the mystery image:

    Now open the in your browser and compare the resized image with the ones found on the neopets website. Pick an image that matches with the mystery image in colors.

  • 4

    Comparing Images:

    Once you pick an image that appears to be the match, open an image editing tool like Photoshop and zoom in. Now that you have got the chosen image enlarged, you can now easily compare all the colored boxes in the mystery image with the chosen image. The right image will be the one that matches exactly with the mystery image. Keep on searching until you get the right image.

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