How to Sterilize Baby Bottles

When you purchase new bottles for your young child, it is extremely important to sterilize them first. Sterilization is also recommended on a frequent basis to ensure that the bottles remain clean and healthy. Babies can begin using bottles as soon as they are born either in concert with breast feeding or on their own. Bottles can be used for breast milk and formula.

The following guide details the steps required to sterilize your baby’s bottles quickly, safely and correctly.

Note: In selecting bottles, it is best to choose brands and types that are BPA free. Also, in terms of bottle nipples, silicone ones are preferred over latex for quality, shape and allergies. These types of choices go a long way in keeping your baby happy and healthy.


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    Why Sterilize?

    Before beginning, it is important to understand the importance of sterilization. Babies are extremely susceptible to bacteria, viruses and infections. Unclean bottles pose a great risk to babies who could suffer from upset stomachs or worse. Although you cannot guarantee a germ free environment for your child, sterilizing bottles can go a long way in helping your baby.

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    Heat a Large Pot of Water

    The easiest way to sterilize one or several bottles and its parts are by boiling them in water. To do this, fill a large clean pot with water and place it on top of a stove. Turn the correct burner onto a high setting.

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    Bring Water to a Boil

    You must bring the water to a full boil. Bubbles should be numerous and frequent.

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    Place Bottle, Nipple and Rings in Boiling Water

    To ensure full sterilization, place all bottles and parts into the boiling water. For best results, all parts should be able to mostly or fully submerge in the water.

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    Let Boil for 5-10 Minutes

    To ensure the bottles are fully sterilized, allow to boil on high heat for 5-10 full minutes.

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    Remove Items from Pot

    Once the bottles have boiled for their due time, remove the pot from the stove and drain all the water in the sink. Allow the bottles to sit and cool for a few minutes in the now drained pot. Once they have cooled slightly, use a set of clean tongs to remove the bottle and parts safely from the pot. Be sure to turn off the stove burner as it will no longer be used.

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    Allow to Dry on a Clean Cloth

    The heat of the bottles should allow them to dry quickly, however if they are still wet after a few minutes you can place them on a fresh and clean cloth until they are fully dry.

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