How to Stop Being Late

Is it not irritating when you are kept waiting for some reason or another, we tend to stew in silence as we endure the pain of being kept waiting. But when the tables are turned and we are the ones doing the hurting to someone else, we expected them to be chilled about it. Punctuality like good manners speaks a lot about a person’s character.

You may have tried to reverse this habit several times and found yourself slipping back to your old ways each time. This is you need to read our step by step guide on how to stop being late.


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    Accept That Being Late Is Rarely Appropriate

    You must understand that being late is highly unacceptable. Without this, you will not see the need to change your attitude to punctuality. Begin to see punctuality as a defining part of who you are.  You definitely to not like it when you are keep waiting by others so why do you do it to others. This leads us to the next part.

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    Find Out Why You Are Normally Late

    Look deep inside and find out the reason why you are normally late. The answer is usually tied to your personality. Some people use lateness as a means to draw attention to them. Others use it to feel superior to their colleagues. Some use it to promote their rebelliousness. Some people are just too overly optimistic that they will arrive early; they are poor time managers. Others have bad lifestyle habits that are cause lateness like poor sleeping habits.

    Whatever your reason, you need to understand the underlying reason before you can address it. This will mean looking at how to change your personality to make a lasting change

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    Make Plans To Counter This

    After you have agreed within yourself that lateness is not something you can condone and your have realized the underlying cause of your lateness, you now need to draw up a plan to make changes. If you sleep late you are going want to change that. If you use lateness to draw attention and feel popular, you need to understand that yourself worth cannot be left to the hands of external factors. If you have bad lifestyles habits like smoking for example you are going to have to quit these things.

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    Honor Time

    This is the part where you stick to your plans. By honoring time you are basically choosing to ensure that you will do everything within your power to keep to your commitments.

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    Accept Criticism Constructively

    Somebody must have called you out on your lateness and explained how frustrating it is to them. Take criticism constructively. It is not about living in fear of that person especially if that person is your senior but it is about recognizing that lateness is not something acceptable in most social situations. Even your boss meant to berate and shame you; you need to use that criticism constructively because ultimately making a change will benefit you long after you leave the presence of that individual.

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