How to Stop Picking Stupid Fights

Life is all about loving others and we should avoid fighting over petty issues. It is true, that sometimes the situation gets out of control and we have to show a bit of aggression in order to put things right. However, most of the times we fight over stupid reasons and that can result in a huge loss for us. Therefore, it is important to control your aggression and understand each other better.

For example, we joke with our friends regularly, but there are certain limits which have to be taken care of. If we cross them, others can get angry and start fighting us. So, it is better not to go beyond the boundaries while making fun of others.

On the other hand, if you are the one being made fun of, you should clearly mention to your friends that you don’t like certain types of jokes. This way, they will not say anything that offends you and everything will stay pleasant.


  • 1

    Understand the jokes

    Try and understand that some things are not meant to hurt you. Your friends only joke with you because they like you, so never mind what they say. Take it in a light mood and respond accordingly.

  • 2

    Improve your sense of humour

    If you don’t have a good sense of humour, you will be unable to understand the jokes of your friends. So, learn how to make others laugh and be patient when others are making fun of you too.

  • 3

    Control your anger

    Never think of anything when you are angry. If you are short tempered, continue drinking cold water, as that helps in cooling you down.

  • 4

    Accept your mistakes

    Everyone can make mistakes and no you are not an exception. However, a better person is one who realises those mistakes and makes up for them.

  • 5

    Always think positively

    Negative thinking can result in a lot of problems, so avoid it. Whenever there is a problem between you and another person, start thinking of the positive things, like the good time you two have shared together etc.

  • 6

    Never jump to conclusions

    Whenever you feel offended because of something, it is ideal to analyse the entire situation before jumping to conclusions.

  • 7

    Respect very relationship

    Value all the relationships, as that is the only way of getting respect from others. Treat everyone with love and make sure that you don’t hurt anyone in your family and friends.

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