How to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

Internet has taken the world by a storm; this fact is well considered and may well be very close to truth than ever. The world has certainly risen to the challenge by accepting internet as their main weapon and has benefited by the so called nuisance at the most. Internet can be a blessing and a nuisance at the same time. This fact is accepted by almost everyone around the globe, whether they accept the advantages of the internet or doubt it, but it is a source of real time wastage.


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    In the daily life offered today, people have certainly got lesser time for outdoor activities than they had at their disposal a few years back. This all change in the priority list of a normal human being is down to the fact that internet fever has taken over the whole world by the neck and has imposed its implications on the everyday life of everyone associated to the facility. Firstly, one has to accept the fact that internet is a facility. Many people would love to argue on the matter but I personally believe that they have got it absolutely wrong in this regard. The web has globalised the world and has lessened the distances to such an extent that one can access the entire world, by just sitting on his couch with a personal computer at his mercy. The distances have been minimised.

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    Along the same lines as we accept the positivity of the web, it most definitely has a negative face. This face of the internet however is only shown to the young generation who make bad use of the facility in either sense and waste their time on the internet frequently. Internet is addictive and there is not a doubt about anything in this regard, it eats up the time that a person has under his belt at a rate that can turn out to be astounding. Facebook and Twitter are the new social web pages and they have been the major source of time wastage on the Internet these days and have been ranked at number 1 and 2 according to surveys that rate them in the category of time wasting web pages.

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    The best solution is to remove your accounts on these social networking websites and get involved into a more physical activity such as a sport or something that would require efforts on the pitch, rather than surfing the internet sitting at home.

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