How to Take a Turkish bath At Home

Traditional Turkish baths have gained reasonable importance in the West during the past two centuries. Unlike, bathing norms in other cultures, the Turkish baths known as ‘Hamam’ are not only meant for cleanliness but they are also used for the purpose of socialising, birth of infants and other important events. With their salient features, these hamams had gained an exceptional recognition in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada in 19th century. Note that, these hot dry air Turkish baths should not be confused with a Sauna bath as the latter is very different.


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    Warm your room

    Remember that, in order to take a Turkish bath properly, one has to follow certain sets, the  foremost of which is entering in a warm room. You must increase the temperature of your room.  For a Turkish bath, an individual generally stays in a room that has heated dry hair. After increasing the room temperature, you must stay in the room until sweat starts coming out from all pores of your skin.

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    Increase temperature of your bathroom

    You must not only increase the temperature of your room but your bathroom should be warm enough to give you a pleasant experience of Turkish bath. For this, you can enter the washroom and open the warm water tap of your shower and let it be open for a couple of minutes. In the meanwhile, you should come out of the washroom and close the door and windows, allowing the steam to stay in your washroom.

    After you have experienced the heat of your room and you have started sweating, you should now enter your washroom to have a pleasant experience of hot water steam. Before entering the washroom, make sure you are in suitable attire.

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    Apply olive oil

    After you have entered the shower, you must apply olive oil on your skin firmly, to have a better experience of Turkish bath. You must start with your face and apply it firmly all over your body.

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    Rinse your body

    After you have applied the olive oil, now is the time to clean your body. Remember that, leaving the hot water open for a long time may cause troubles for you and the temperature might get hotter than usual, so you must keep on turning the hot water on and off to control the temperature. After you have cleaned your body, you must stop the hot water and stay in there for a while, until the temperature gets cooled down a little bit.

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