How to Take Care of a Lip Ring

A lip ring needs extreme care, as your lips are one of the gentlest parts of your body and they can be infected very quickly if you do not properly take care of the piercing. Normally, a lip piercing takes around six to eight weeks to heal. However, if you have not properly taken care of it, the healing process can prolong.


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    First Six to Eight Weeks:

    After you have successfully pierced your lips, you have to change your regular die to a bit light. Yogurt, puddings, ice creams, custards and jellies should be taken in the opening few weeks. Avoid taking solid food, as it will not only require more effort from your mouth, it can also stick in the piercing that can cause extreme pain.

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    If you are addicted to smoking, you have to quit it for some time in order to heal your piercing properly. Alcohol is also prohibited during the first few weeks, as it can dry out the piercing that can cause infection. Also avoid direct contact of water to your piercing. Use a straw while drinking water or juices, as direct contact of these liquids can also prolong the healing process. When taking shower, you must make sure that your piercing has minimal direct contact with the water.

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    Keeping your lip piercing cleaner makes faster healing. To clean the lip ring regularly, one must dip a toothbrush in saline solution, and then gently rub it over the area. It will sanitize the ring as well as kill all the germs and bacteria.

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    An antibacterial wash helps your piercing to remain protected from infection. Listerine is one of the most powerful antibacterial wash for your mouth, and it helps the healing process of your lip piercing faster.

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    After Six Weeks:

    When you are taking the ring out of your lip, you must sanitize it. Dip the ring in a saline solution before wearing it again. Clean it every day with saline solution. In addition, it is recommended that one also keep the area around your lip ring also clean. In order to do that, dip a tissue or a cotton ball in the saline solution, and pat it gently around that area to clean. Usage of an antibacterial wash is recommended throughout the time you are wearing the ring, as it helps to keep the germs and bacteria away.

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