How to Tell If Your Partner is Lying to You

Lying is bad but when it is done between partners, things get even worse and trickier. Most people think that they lie to their partners about something and get away with it without being spotted.  Lying spoils the relationship because it begets doubts and doubts derail your relationship without even giving you a chance to sort things out.

So, you have to be on the lookout and stay alert because when your partner starts lying to you, he/she apparently is not fair enough to you and does not care about you like he/she did at the start of the partnership.


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    Make an eye contact and judge

    Whenever you partner has done something wrong and is hiding the truth from you, their eyes should be focused. If you doubt your partner and do  not believe what they say, see them in their eye and see if they are trying look away when you stare deep into the eyes. If you partner’s eyes go to your left side, you should know that they are thinking something. And when someone thinks something, they are probably making it up. This indicates that your partner may be lying. However, there are plenty of other sings that can help you tell if your partner is lying.

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    Keep an eye on hand movements

    Another indication is the movement of hands of the person lying. If you are question your partner about something and their hands keep moving constantly, it is a sign that they are lying. Try to see their entire posture as well and make an eye contact all this time. Another sign of lying is that your partner will slip their hand into pocket while answering. They will do it so often that it will alert you. Palm covering is also one of the indications that show a lot. If your partner is covering one of palms with another hand, they are apparently lying.

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    Pay attention to voice

    Pay attention to partner’s voice if you think they are not telling the truth. Their voice will sound a bit upset, or even loud while speaking. Being close to them naturally helps you understand the difference between your spouse’s voice in normal conditions and abnormal conditions.

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    Questioning can help a lot

    Ask a lot of questions if you think your partner is lying about something. Asking multiple question can derail them and they might forget what their point (lie) was at the start of questioning session. The questioning session can last a day or two.

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