How to Travel from Dubai to Fujairah

Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It boasts of a coastline more than 70 km long. It serves as a recluse for the citizens of neighboring emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi who visit it for water sports, sight seeing and trekking.

Residents of Fujairah travel to Dubai frequently for shopping and entertainment. The distance between the two cities is around 150 kilometers and it takes around two hours of travel time. Travel between the two cities is comfortable because of well built road system. Follow our step by step guide for travel details between Dubai and Al Fujairah.


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    By Car:

    To move around freely in Fujairah, you must have a car because emphatically,  the city is not pedestrian friendly. There are several routes connecting the two cities.

    A new highway has been built connecting the new cities which dramatically cuts travel time to forty minutes. The highway 84 as it is known commonly (officially Sheikh Khalifa highway) offers a safe and quite route to Fujairah and has made transport much easier. The previously used highway 89 was too cramped up. Follow the map to get driving directions. Since the highway has been recently built, it has not been updated on the map.

    By taxi:

    If you do not own a car, you can flag down a metered taxi in Dubai. Since the distance is not much, a taxi is still an affordable option.

    Hire a car:

    If you wish to rent a car, there are some well known car rental companies in Dubai like:

    - Europcar
    - Diamondlease
    - Bravo

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    By Bus:

    Buses for Fujairah depart from the Al Ittihad square every 45 minutes. These buses are fairly comfortable with front rows reserved for women and families. The one side fare from Dubai to Fujairah is fixed at 25 AED. The travel time is two hours and there are no stops on the way. The buses start at 6:30 in the morning and continue till 10:30. To get updates about departure and arrival timings visit the RTA website.

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    By Air:

    Airlines provide flights between the Dubai international airport and Fujairah airport. These include:

    - Etihad Airways
    - Emirates Airline

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