How to Travel from Dubai to Sharjah

Sharjah and Dubai are two of the seven United Arab Emirates. The share a border and are at a distance of under 20 kms. Due to the proximity, people frequently travel between the two emirates for work, shopping and recreation. Sharjah is known for its historical sites which makes it a tourist destination while Dubai needs no introduction for its numerous attractions. The transport system between Dubai and Sharjah is a vast one and you have the options of both road and air.Since the two cities are near to each other, travel is affordable. Our step by step guide has the details for a trip from Dubai to Sharjah.


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    By car:

    By your own car it should ideally take you half an hour from Dubai to Sharjah. However, most routes are very busy during the rush times of 4pm-8pm when office goers return from Dubai back to Sharjah. For travel from Sharjah to Dubai, the rush hours are in the morning 8-10 am. The four most popular routes between the two emirates are Al Ittihad Road, Damascus Road, Beirut Road and Emirates Road.The road guide has the routes singled out for you.

    Car rentals:

    Companies which provide cars on rent in Dubai are:

    Dollar rent a car

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    By bus:

    Buses operate daily at frequent intervals between the two cities. There is an inter_emirate bus service run by the government of Dubai and the RTA. Travelling from bus is cheaper at 5Dhs but takes longer time, at times a couple of hours during rush. The buses leave from AL Jabal station, near the Sharjah fish market. Buses also leave from the Sharjah vegetable and fruit market. Buses from Dubai operate from different stations like Al Qusais and Sonapur. direct buses from Sharjah airport to dubvai and from Dubai airport to sharjah are also available.

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    By taxi:

    Taxis can travel freely between the two emirates. You can hail a taxi from anywhere. However a taxi can take you up to 100 Dhs for one side travel.

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    Air travel:

    There are numerous airline carriers which provide services between Dubai and Sharjah. These include:

    Air India
    Jet Airways

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