How to Treat a Hangover Headache

Hangovers are not a new phenomenon. References have been made to the horrid hangover in the Old Testament. The research on hangovers has been almost negligible, even though the problem is old. With so much advancement in technology and research, not much has been invested in the problem that is experienced by millions on a daily basis. This is the sole reason why many popular hangover remedies are based on prevention rather than cure. Hangovers are fairly easy to prevent, and there are numerous remedies to avoid them, all you need is a little planning and common sense.


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    Drink a lot of water

    Alcohol dehydrates your body, so it is necessary for you to keep yourself hydrated. One of the most common symptoms of hangovers is dry mouth and a headache. If it is possible for you, then drink water in between your consumption of alcohol. Before you go to bed make it a point that you drink a glass of water. Following your alcohol consumption during the day, drink a lot of water. You can also try eating a lot of fruits or juices for that matter, as you will get a fairly good dosage of vitamin C.

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    Eat before you consume alcohol

    Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach will not only harm your body, but will also cause hangovers. Be particular of eating something before you drink  alcohol. Eating fatty foods will only help the cause as fats take time to digest. In case you consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Do not be afraid, you can drink high fat milk to avoid the hangover. Once you have woken up and feel nauseated, make yourself a good helping of breakfast and consume it. The nauseating feeling is more likely to go away and the hangover will most probably fade away.

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    Prefer clear alcoholic drinks

    Gin, vodka and such clear drinks are less likely to give you a hangover. The coloured alcoholic drinks such as red wine, white wine or any other for that matter, will give you a severe hangover, if not treated properly. Also make it a point to consume the drink, neat and not to mix it.

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    Have a good rest

    Sleep deprivation only enhances the hangover. In order to avoid the hangover in the morning, make sure to get plenty of sleep. Give your body the chance to recover from excessive drinking as the body takes a toll after too much alcohol has been consumed.

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    Many medicines are available on the market to deal with the headaches caused by hangovers. It is better to follow preventive measures, rather than to get the body accustomed to medicines.

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