How to Treat Pierre Robin Syndrome

Pierre Robin Syndrome is a disease that affects on the infants and creates a condition in which the lower jaw of infants does not develop fully. Because of this condition, the tongue of the infants falls downwards or towards the back and blocks the airway. The most prominent symptoms of Pierre Robin Syndrome are recurrent ear infection, large tongue, cleft soft palate and arched palate. Usually infants get rid of Pierre Robin Syndrome as they grow but in some cases treatment is required. Keep reading if you want to learn how to treat Pierre Robin Syndrome in an effective manner.


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    First of all, you need to observe the symptoms like recurrent ear infection, large tongue, cleft soft palate and arched palate. If you see any of these symptoms appearing, then it is confirmed that the infant is facing Pierre Robin Syndrome.

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    Try to observe the intensity of the symptoms and if you think that they are causing discomfort to the infant then you need to provide treatment to deal with Pierre Robin Syndrome. Sometimes the symptoms are not that clear and people treat their infants at home.

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    If you feel that the problem is bigger and you cannot handle it then immediately contact to the doctor or physician who will deal with this problem in a professional way which will help the child in getting rid of Pierre Robin Syndrome.

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    The physician or doctor will thoroughly examine the physical condition of the child and will treat the Pierre Robin Syndrome in an appropriate manner considering the intensity of this condition.

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    You need to follow the instructions of the doctor which will play a vital role in keeping your child safe. Usually, doctors recommend you to place your child, who is having Pierre Robin Syndrome, in a position that does not allow the child’s tongue to fall back and the airway stays free.

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    Placing a tube through the nose of the child also helps in knowing whether the airway of the child is free or not. If it is not free, then the child will face trouble in breathing and you have to place him in a position where his tongue does not fall back.

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    Sometimes, surgery is required in order to deal with the severe condition of Pierre Robin Syndrome. This surgery is called tracheotomy which helps to treat Pierre Robin Syndrome in a better way.

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