How to Turn Down a Job Candidate

If you are going to turn down a job candidate, it is important that you let him/her know in a proper manner. Most employers undervalue the importance of this act, but it is much better than leaving the candidate with the false hope that the call will come anytime soon. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you tell the candidate in a gentle and appropriate manner about his/her ineligibility for the post in question. You should also praise the candidate a little, highlight some of their outstanding traits, and wish them success in the future.


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    Thank them for applying

    The most important thing is to thank the applicant for applying for the job. You must tell the applicant that it was nice interviewing him/her and appreciate him/her for taking interest in the organisation.

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    Highlight the applicant’s strong points

    Now, you should highlight the strong points of the applicant and share anything that could benefit him/her in the near future. It is strongly advised that this should be related to what the applicant has posted on his/her resume or what you have observed during the interview. For instance, you must talk about his/her experience and let the applicant know whether it is sufficient or not. Subsequently, you should talk about their qualifications, skills and whatever his/her interests are. You should also mention the temperament of the candidate and what you observed about his/her ability to complete a task.

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    State the reason for turning down the candidate

    After you have praised the candidate for his/her traits, you should now come to the point and move towards the reason for rejection. Here, you must tell them the reason for rejecting their application and tell them that you are searching for a candidate who is relatively more suitable as far as the job description is concerned.

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    Allow them to ask any questions

    At times, the candidates are often interested in inquiring about why they are not considered suitable for the job. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you should allow them to state their queries. In addition, they often require additional feedback on their interview skills and their shortcomings in the entry test, so you should be willing to share the information.

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    Tell them to stay motivated and look for more vacancies

    You should tell the candidate to stay motivated and look for opportunities in other companies. Wish him/her the best of luck for the future.

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