How to Use a Stud Finder

Knowing about how to use a stud finder can always come in handy as you might need it at the time of any designing, renovation or improvement that is required at your place. Even if you want to hang something on your wall, you cannot afford to damage the support between the two adjacent walls, thus it is of utmost importance that you should use the stud finder to locate this support.

At times, a person has to cut holes into his/her walls; thus you should use a stud finder in the first place to minimise the risk of incurring losses.  The accuracy and exact directions of these support pieces can vary depending upon the different models of stud finders.


  • 1

    Clear the wall

    It is important  to clear the wall on which you wish to use the stud finder. You must move all the stuff  that comes in your way and if the furniture is too heavy to be moved, then you must at least get rid of the stuff that is breakable.

  • 2

    Turn on the stud finder

    After moving all the breakable stuff away from the wall, you must turn on the stud finder. To be sure about its proper functioning, you must listen carefully to the beep as the stud finder makes a sound every time it is turned on.

  • 3

    Use the locator button

    After it is turned on, you must start using it from the left side of the location where you wish to make improvements. Do not forget to turn on the “locator’ button and place the stud finder flatly on the wall. Whenever the stud finder locates any supporting piece, it produces a beeping sound; you must not move it until it is silent. After the stud finder becomes silent, use it again for the next location.

  • 4

    Scroll it through the wall

    You must slowly drag the stud finder through the wall to find any supporting pieces at your desired location. Make sure that you are steady and do not move it in too  quickly otherwise it will be of little use.

  • 5

    Watch for green and red lights

    You must closely look for the green and red lights of the stud finder. Whenever the device is near the location it starts blinking red light and when the location is found, it uses green light.

  • 6

    Mark the place with pencil

    After the spot is located, you must mark it with pencil and continue the process for other studs.

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