How to Fix Bent Frames on Glasses

The frames of eye glasses often get bent out of shape, either because someone sits or steps on them mistakenly, or due to any other accident that might occur. Reshaping the bent frames, whether they be metal and plastic, is not a difficult task, as long as do it carefully so that you do not end up snapping the frame in half. The most important thing to take into account when repairing a bent frame is to  remember that you need to apply as little pressure as possible.

Things Required:

– Small precision screwdriver
– Cotton balls or cloth
– A pair of Needle-nose pliers
– A soft linen cloth


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    Know exactly where the frame needs to be fixed

    Observe your frame carefully, in order to figure out exactly where it needs to be fixed. To check the damaged points, lay your glasses flat on a straight surface upside down, with the lens frame touching the surface while the temples point up. Check where the frame is unusually pointing upward and locate the starting point.

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    Remove the lens

    Using a small precision screwdriver, remove the screws holding the eye wire or rim and the side legs together. Then, remove both the lenses of the glasses. If your frame does not have screws, use the expansion method to remove the lenses. Heat the eye wire (the front frame), holding the lenses for five minutes with your blower set on high speed. The heat will expand the plastic or metal frame, allowing you to remove the lenses easily. Wrap the lenses in a soft cloth and put them aside in a safe place.

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    Repair the frame using soft pliers

    Use a pair of soft pliers to fix the bent metal frames. Wrap a cotton ball or cloth around the bent area, as this will keep the pliers from scratching or damaging the surface. Put the pliers in the centre and apply a little pressure to bend the frame back into place. If the frame is still bent, try applying the pressure in the opposite direction as well.

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    Reshaping plastic frames

    Fixing plastic frames with pliers can break them, so it is better to heat the frame before reshaping the bend back into place. Soak the frame in hot water for a couple of minutes, or apply hot steam to the affected area to make it pliable, and then bend it back into the correct shape. However, avoid overheating, as it may melt or further deform the frame. Once done, pat the frame dry with a soft linen cloth.

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