How to Use a Tennis Elbow Strap

A tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a stress in your forearm area, which can be caused due to repetitive activities putting too much pressure on the area. A tennis elbow strap allows you to continue your work with a little discomfort to the forearm area. They are also help in the recovery process of the patient. However, there is a proper way to wear a tennis elbow strap, but it is better to see your doctor first.


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    Consult Doctor

    In case of pain in the forearm area, you should see a sports doctor first. The doctor will be able to determine the real cause of the pain and severity of the problem. The doctor can also recommend if you should use the strap or else you need a better treatment. A proper diagnostics can help better and quicker treatment of the forearm.

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    Buying Strap

    You can buy a quality tennis elbow strap over the counter of your local pharmacy or medical store. Make sure you choose the right quality strap. It can be determined by the brand or price range, which can vary from $20 to $60. You can ask for advice from the store about the number of brands and qualities they have. Or else, get it recommended by your doctor. You might also be able to buy a strap from your local sports store, and if they sell the branded products, it will be easier for you to choose a right quality strap.

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    Using Strap

    Put the strap on your elbow up the arm, covering almost the entire elbow area and extended downwards up to about an inch. If the strap has some air bubble it can be designed to put extra pressure on the pain area, and can help you in quick relieving of the pain.

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    Tightening Strap

    After you are satisfied with position of the strap on your elbow, you can tighten it to secure it. This will allow you to carry on your work without any problem and with strap fixed to your arm. However, do not tighten the strap too much, as it can stop circulation of blood through your arm.

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    Duration for Wearing

    You should wear the strap as much as you want to, or until you feel the pain is completely relieved. It is possible that the doctor has recommended a time for you.You might feel a little bit more pain in the elbow area or at least feel uncomfortable with the strap squeezing your forearm, do not worry. This pain can be relieved quickly. It happens in the beginning, and you should not remove the strap.

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