How to Use ARTEC Color Depositing Shampoo

ARTec color depositing shampoo is great for toning, correcting and maintaining hair color, and is a no-fuss product which can easily be used in your shower and requires no additional equipment or products. Not only does it improve, strengthen, and enhance your hair color, it also aids in regular maintenance of color-treated hair, by helping to increase its longevity, and give it body, health, and shine.

Things Required:

– Daily shampoo with no color depositing traits
– ARTec Color Depositing Shampoo


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    Prior to any use, it is important to perform an allergy test, to determine whether you can safely use the ARTec color depositing shampoo. You will find instructions given at the back of the bottle for conducting an allergy test – follow these, and only go ahead once you have determined that you are not allergic to the shampoo.

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    The product must be used on clean hair, so it is essential to wash your hair before you apply the ARTec color depositing shampoo. Step into the shower, wet your hair, and wash it using your regular, daily shampoo (this should not contain any color depositing traits) – simply lather and rinse, and you will be left with clean hair.

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    You are now ready to apply the ARTec color depositing shampoo. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount into your palm (tailor the amount to how long or short your hair is – it should be enough for you to saturate and lather your hair), and start applying it to your wet hair, as you would with a regular shampoo.

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    Work the shampoo through your hair, and then lather, to get the foam going – this will help the shampoo cover every single strand of hair. You can also use a massaging motion with your fingers, to make sure the product is applied evenly and completely.

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    Once the shampoo has been applied, leave it on for several minutes – do not rinse immediately, as leaving it on will allow the shampoo to have a better effect on your hair. Finally, rinse it as you would with a regular shampoo, and then follow it up with your daily conditioner, or an ARTec color depositing conditioner for maximum impact. Every shower should be followed by a cold rinse, to smooth and seal the cuticles of your hair

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