How to Use Borage Seed Oil for Hair Growth

Borage is a bristly leafed herb with pink, white or blue flowers and is also known as starflower. This herb is famous for having a high proportion of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), although it can also be used for cooking and preparing several medicines. There are some other oils which also contain GLA-rich properties but borage is the greatest GLA source discovered so far.

With hair fall emerging as one of the major problems of people all around the world, naturalists use borage to strengthen their hair because of its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.


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    GLA is a crucial component of the omega-6 family, which contains necessary fatty acids. In order for the proper functioning of the brain, metabolism, human growth, reproduction and healthy bones, these fatty acids are essential. On top of that, they play a vital role in strengthening your hair as well as the nails. Food extracted from plants can help you meet the requirements of these essential fatty acids as they do not get manufactured naturally in the human body.

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    Apply borage seed oil on your hair

    Borage seed oil is available in almost all the major grocery stores or you may search for it on the internet. Before you start to apply the oil on your scalp, mix it with some moisturizing herbs like rosemary or calendula. Pour some oil on the palm of your hand and apply it on your hair with the fingertips of the other hand. Massage the oil deep into the hair and head softly, while making small circles. Make sure that you use a bit extra oil on the parts of your scalp where there is evident hair loss.

    Massage your head for about 5 minutes and then leave it for about a couple of hours, before you take a shower or wash your head.

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    You can take borage internally as well. The capsules are available on medical stores or pharmacies. Take a 500mg capsule every day if you are not using the oil. Apart from preventing further hair loss, it will help you grow new hair.

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    Consult your doctor before taking borage

    Borage has not been approved for any kind of medical treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US. Therefore, you must not take borage blindly and should consult your doctor, although it has no common side effects.

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