How to Use Gmail Messenger without Downloading

Messaging is a fast and reliable source of communication. In offices we may need to connect with our families or friends at any time. If you are unable to communicate though you have an internet facility which has some restriction on downloading files then using Gmail Messenger can be difficult. If you want to use Gmail Messenger without downloading then there is no need to be worried about your communication issues, you just have to follow some easy steps and on the other side you will be connected with your buddies and family members.


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    While you opt to use messenger to talk with someone. First of all you need to have is your Gmail account. This is the same Gmail account that you use to login for emailing with Gmail.

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    Once you have your personal account then you are ready to go. Now you need to go to your internet browser and type given URL without commas ‘’ and press on ‘GO’.

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    Once you open this website you can now use any messenger you want to, including G Talk.

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    Select your G Talk account and provide your respective ID and your Password in order to sign in.

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    Now you can send your chat message to any of your friend list for future communication. The status of your account can also be handled.

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    If you have any issues with these instructions then start again and take your time so that you do not skip any particular step. However, if you still have problems then you can go online and visit a forum or website that deals in Gmail Messenger or G Talk. There are many different sites with expert users that are always willing to give some assistance with a few excellent tips, tricks and advice. Remember to also check the posts as your questions might have already been answered previously. You can also find some decent video tutorials that show in detail all the steps needed to use Gmail Messenger without having to download it on your computer. These video tutorials are a very good resource to give you further assistance with any issues you might be having.

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    There are also other sites that allow you to login directly and use any sort of messenger service without having to download it. You can search through 'Google' and you will be sure to find a decent listing of many websites that allow this type of functionality. Just make sure that whatever site you do use should be reputable and trusted. You do not want to put your login and password details in different sites that might misuse your personal information.

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