How to Use Sunless Tanning Tips

In today’s world while we have a busy lifestyle, we still want to look as good as the next top model. The advent of television gave a new meaning to advertisement and now human civilization revolves around the very ideology of looking good.

However, looks vary from cultures to cultures, as in Asia and Africa fair complexions are preferred and in these parts of the world, skin whitening creams are a big hit. Models, movie stars and athletes all endorse these lotions and creams.

In local gatherings, women prefer to look fair and put on makeup that makes their skin look whiter.

Even darker looking male models are on the least priority list of big advertisement companies in these parts of the world.

However, in the West the concept is completely the opposite as the natives, who have fair complexions prefer to look darker. Pale and white models are advised to get a tan before a photo shoot or a fashion show.

Here, celebrities yearn to look darker and for that sun tanning is at the top of their list. Beaches in Florida and elsewhere are never empty and people opt to get a tan than to stay indoors.

Nonetheless, not everyone likes the sun, and for that they use sunless tans.


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    Preparing before a sunless tan

    You need to prepare before getting an artificial tan as opposed to going out in the sun. You need to remove all the dead skin off your body. It is also advised to moisturize your hands, elbows, feet and knees. Finally, use strap-free sandals as they stick to your soles and prevent the bottom of your feet from getting tanned.

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    Visit a tanning Salon

    If you can afford the price you better head straight to a tanning spa to get a professional tan, which will be worth your money. You will have many options to choose from like full body exfoliation and airbrush bronzing, however the cheapest option is spray tanning. All you have to do is stand in a booth and you will be sprayed all over costing you around $20.

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    Choosing the right tanner

    There are different types of tanners available in the market for you to choose from, it depends entirely on you which one you want. You can find airbrush tanners, tanners created just for the face, cream tans, bronzing gel and tinted tans.

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