How to Use Your IPod as a Backup Hard Drive

iPod is one of the most loved and extensively used devices from Apple. There are many built-in features which you can enjoy on your iPod. Moreover, you can also download and install various apps from Apple store as per your needs.

Earlier generations of iPod had very small hard drives and the users could only keep their files in it up to 5GB to 10GB. In contrast, the latest generations have not only shown great advancement in terms of features and interface, but they also possess huge storage capacities which gives room for up to 160GB data to its users and can be used as a good backup hard drive.


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    First of all, you have to connect your iPod with your PC with the help of USB cable or Firewire port. When you will connect you iPod, your PC will automatically open iTunes on it. However, if iTunes is not opened itself, you can open it by double-clicking on its shortcut on your desktop or clicking on it from the list of programmes in your start menu.

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    After opening, iTunes, click on ‘Summary’ tab and check the option ‘Enable disk use’ which is given under the tab ‘Options’. If you are using the iPod shuffle, you should set the storage allocation slider first to indicate the memory reserved for the audio files and other data.

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    Then, go to ‘My Computer’ on your PC and find your iPod’s icon there. If you are using Mac, you can find the icon by using ‘Finder’.

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    Now, you have to double-click on the iPod’s icon in order to show its system folders which will include ‘Notes’, ‘Contacts’ and ‘Calendar’.

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    You can drag and drop files and folders from your computer to the system folders window of iPod. The file transfer will take a little time to complete the transfer depending upon its size.

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    After completing the transfer, you can press the eject button which is right next to the iPod icon in iTunes. On the other hand, if you are using Macintosh, you can eject your iPod by dragging its icon to the trash.

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