How to Win a Fitness Competition

Winning a fitness competition requires a well balanced exercise routine before the competition to tone those muscles of yours and build you up before posing in front of the judges.

However, this is easier said than done, as to win the competition you need to be at your physical best backed by a perfect posing technique. Remember it is not just your body but your attitude as well which will impress the judges. The technique should be so perfect that when you want the judges to notice a particular muscle, it should be clearly visible to them.

Preparing for the competition depends on your current fitness level; if you are in a bad shape, it could take almost a year for you to attain a body to actually win a competition, on the other hand, if you are already in top shape then all you need is around twelve weeks of some hardcore training regime and a balanced diet.


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    Evaluate your state of fitness

    It is recommended that you take help from a fitness trainer, who can best determine the current status of your fitness level. He can guide you in identifying the muscles that need your attention and which do not require hard training. It is advised that you determine your body fat which will put you in the position to know how much fat is required to be converted into muscle.

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    Plan your training schedule

    To win a fitness completion it is imperative to have well-developed muscles which are proportional to your body. It is recommended that you train with a professional instructor, who will keep your training sessions in check to yield maximum output.
    - Remember if you are skinny or underweight, you will have to develop muscle mass and it is this increase in muscle that will determine the length of your training schedule.
    - If you are overweight, you will be recommended to lose that extra fat in order to tone those muscles and make them more visible.
    - It would be wise to decrease the tough routine of your exercise sessions as the date of the competition draws near.

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    Practice posing and showing off your muscles

    For your benefit it is a good idea to pose in front of a mirror daily to flex those muscles of yours and learn to repeat the poses which show-off your body in the best possible way.

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    Get a tan

    You better get a natural or an artificial tan before the competition as a tanned skin defines the muscles better.

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    Exhibit confidence

    Go out there with a smile and confidence once you are in front of the judges.

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