How to Win the Football Pools

Winning a football pool is very hard for a lot of people and it is normally because of not knowing the rules of picking football games. In a football pool, there are usually a number of amateurs and some other real football fans. There are several ways to win a football pool.


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    Getting ready every week

    Each week in NFL football, there are a huge amount of football pools across America. The first step to winning pool is to be aware of your competition. Picking NFL football games is all about planning. If you are placed in a football pool with people that have no clue about their work, then you can expect to suffer upsets.

    On the other hand, if you are playing against football pickers, then you will want to play it a bit more cautiously. For the sake of this article, we will assume that we are competing against experienced people.

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    The right pick

    When you get ready for the week, you should visit ESPN’s or the NFL’s websites to get the know-how of the teams. There are normally some no-brainer picks, and you will need to select the obvious early in the season. First week is not an ideal time to pick amazing upsets. If you get caught up, you will endure a difficult time chasing the top team. Go with the flow in the early week, and pick the favorites in most cases.

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    Analyse the games

    After picking the obvious winners, watch the games that look likely to be evenly matched. These games will differentiate the winners from the losers in a football pool. Start by analysing the running game. If a team is a brilliant running team, and the other side is not that strong in that particular area, choose the better running team. This is very effective and generally it will give out good results. Always select the strong running teams in place of pass happy sides.

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    Home team advantage

    Another thing to consider with even games is the home team. The home side advantage is clear and it makes a considerable difference in your success in football pools. If you can’t decide, then opt for the home side. Over the duration of the long season, those picks will work in your favour. Moreover, when you want to pick an upset later in the season, remember to have a reason behind your decision.

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