How to Write a Business Letter with Enclosure

A business letter is a formal way of correspondence between two parties. Sometimes, you attach a few documents with your letter but your addressee does not check the actual enclosure. This can lead you to further trouble as you won’t be able to communicate effectively and ultimately fail to achieve your targets.

To avoid this situation, you must inform the other party about the enclosure and give a couple of reminders in the main body of the letter. However, you should ensure that your letter is error free otherwise the reader will not pay attention to the content and put your letter aside.


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    The most appropriate way to show your professionalism is to use the company’s letterhead. If you do not have any then you can make it by using a word processor. Place your organisation’s name and address at the top of the page.

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    Give reference indicating the main purpose of this draft. It helps the reader understand what this letter is about and your recipient will not have any margin of confusion. It is always better to keep your heading short and concise.

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    After mentioning your name at the top of the page, you do not need to put details about yourself in the address portion. You will just place the exact date on which you are sending this letter. Mention the full name of the month instead of using short forms like Feb. 14, 13.

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    Two or three spaces below the date, you will create an address block comprising the recipient’s name, designation, company’s name, address, city and postal code. It is very important to contact the right person so if you have any confusion just address the organisation as a whole.

  • 5

    After leaving a single space after the address block, you will write a salutation which will begin with “Dear” followed by your addressee’s last name. If you do not know the person then it is better to use “To whom it may concern”.

  • 6

    In the main body of the letter, you will mention the main purpose of this letter and refer to the enclosures. In business correspondence, you do not stretch the opening rather the other party will appreciate your conciseness.

  • 7

    Next paragraph will contain the reason of these enclosures. You will make your reader realise how important these attachments are to understand and resolve the issue.

  • 8

    Put your ending salutation after leaving a single space. Mention your full name followed by the signatures.

  • 9

    Type “Enclosure” two lines below your name and signature. This will be another reminder for the reader.

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