How to Address an Anonymous Business Letter

You will go out on a wild goose chase once you receive an anonymous letter in the mail as you would want to address the issue that has been written in the letter and you will also want to discover the identity of the sender. There are cases when companies receive anonymous letters that praise their work. However, in most cases, anonymous letters come bearing harsh criticism from disgruntled people who can even be current or ex-employees. Then there are times when you have no other option but to address this letter via press releases or through other forms of media while maintaining your anonymity. In US, the Postal Service does not require you to give a return address so it makes the task easy for some and difficult for others.


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    If you are a business owner, there will be times when you will receive anonymous mails from people who criticise your services, your workers and the way you manage your company. Although these letters are harsh, they also shed light on various important issues at your workplace that you either never came across or discovered before or you never addressed.

    If the letter is filled with malicious rumours and lies about your company, it is imperative that you address these issues as quickly as possible to provide damage control as your company’s reputation might be at stake. If you are unable to find out the source of the letter, the best way to clear things out and give an explanation is through a public or social forum. You can give an official statement on your company’s website, Twitter account or Facebook page.

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    Complaints about an employee

    If the receive anonymous mail is regarding a particular employee or employees, it would be ideal if you address the issue with the concerned employee in a professional manner. If the conduct of the employee was found out to be unethical or against the policies of your company, it is best to warn him and make sure that this does not happen again. If the employee’s name has not been mentioned, coordinate a meeting with the whole workforce and discuss the email. Even if nobody owns their mistake, that person will secretly be more careful and avoid doing anything that tarnishes the company’s reputation.

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    Anonymous job openings

    There are some companies that choose to hide their identity while giving a job advertisement. This can be either because the company is of great importance to the national security or that it does not want to be bombarded with hundreds of calls and emails regarding the opening.

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    Writing an anonymous letter

    If you wish to lodge a complaint to anyone without leaving any traces that could lead them back to you, use basic stationary and don’t ever sign it. If you are posting a letter through a newspaper or other forms of media, make sure that your name is kept hidden.

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