How to Write a Grant for a Business

Have you got an out of the box business idea? Are you confident that this will be a successful venture? Are you unable to start working on it just because the unavailability of funds? Then writing a grant proposal is the best idea as it can solve your problem by attracting an investor.

However, you will have to draft your proposal tactfully as it can make or break you. No doubt, it is your best shot but it can be your last as well so tread carefully. You should clearly define your idea, plan and goals. Highlight the positive aspects of your concept that make it a different idea. You will have to present a competitive analysis and your strategy to capture the market.

Yes, it is a difficult of a job but you can write a perfect grant proposal by keeping couple of things in your mind. All you need is to stay calm and confident.


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    First of all, you will have to fill an application form in which you will provide the history of your company, the category of your business proposal and the basic information about yourself. You should fill the form correctly otherwise it may jeopardise your prospects.

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    After completing your application form, it is time to draft a cover letter that will include major points of your idea. It is better to write on company’s letter head as it looks more professional. Moreover, make sure that your cover letter is not more than one page as you do not need to disclose everything.

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    It may take some time to draft a perfect business grant proposal so be patient. Taking help from different online sites or books is not a bad idea if you feel that your proposal is not up to the mark.

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    Make the facilitating company realise that your idea is perfect for such grants. Try to do extensive research about the grant and then draft your proposal according to their requirement.

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    Use body of the draft to describe your business idea. Be very clear and specific as trivial details can irritate the other party. Use simple language and make sure that one can understand your idea by just reading your proposal.

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    Cover all the aspects like strategy for business development, goals and market analysis one by one. It will help them to understand your objectives.

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    In the end, summarise your proposal in just three or four paragraphs. This summary should go over all the major points. You may add your personal observations regarding your proposal.

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