How to Write a Job Posting for Newspaper Ad

A well written ad can help you recruit the right talent. It can also help you avoid the sub par applications filling your inbox. It is recommended to write the ad in such a way that you fully and accurately convey your message of finding the right person for the job. The job advertisements should include the type of person you are looking for. Information such as the required experience, qualification and skills should be included in the job posting for best results. Follow some simple instructions to fill the position with the most suitable candidate.


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    Before doing anything else, you must decide where you want to post the job. Jobs can be posted both online and in newspapers. If you are looking to hire the staff online, consider preparing a list of recognised and reputable job websites in your region. It is recommended to ask your colleagues to help you find the best websites so you can hire the best talent. Advertising in newspapers is equally easy. Choose the paper you want to use for advertising the job and then contact their sales department to pay the ad fee.

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    Some job website allow you to post your ads for free but you should choose the only that best websites that suits your needs. Similarly a lot of newspapers also allow their customers to post free job ads to attract more readers. Remember that you want to get the maximum coverage for your job ad so that you can get a good response.

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    Writing a job posting is an art and you must learn it to attract the best talent in your region. If you are looking to hire a mechanical engineer, consider coming up with an eye catching heading. Headings such as “Experienced and reliable mechanical engineer required for a multinational company with huge growth potential” are likely to have a great impact on the reader. Always try to come up with a clever eye catching heading to get an increased response from your ad.

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    It is vital to list the skills and experience you are a looking for in the candidates. If possible, prepare a list of skills required to be eligible for the job. For a mechanical engineer vacancy, you will need to list the following experience and skills requirements:

    - AutoCad
    - Hysys
    - Report writing
    - Mechanical design and operation

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    Consider mentioning the degree required to successfully apply. For example, for a mechanical engineering job, the minimum education requirement can be BSC or MSC in mechanical engineering. Any application without relevant degree or qualification can be rejected straight away.

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