How to Write a Marketing Analysis Report

A marketing analysis report contains the summary of the target market of your business, explanation of the market segments on which you are going to focus, the description of the needs and wants of your customers, the potential of growth and the information regarding the expected changes in the market trends.

Market analysis is one of the most important steps in any business because all the remaining efforts to achieve the goals are going to be taken according to it. Furthermore, a lot of hard work is needed to prepare the marketing analysis report as you will have to do immense field work to study the market and to collect the data. Afterwards, you will have to spend great amount of time to analyse the patterns.


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    First of all, you have to provide the summary of your target market. You can provide the briefing about your target customers and the reasons for choosing a particular market. You will also mention the highlights of market growth and other information relating to the market trends.

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    Then, provide the information about how you have segmented your target market. Market segmentation is the division of the target market into different segments which can be based on demographics, gender or age. After dividing your market into various segments, assign the percentages regarding the number of customers in all the segments.

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    After defining the segments of your target market, you have to identify and explain the needs of customers in each segment. In addition, you also have to focus on determining the growth prospects and the expected changes in the market trends.

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    To create awareness about the market potential is one of the most important components of a market strategy. Therefore, you must pay special attention to explain it in your report.

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    You also have to include SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis in your report.  The strengths and weaknesses are related to the internal factors of the organisation while the opportunities and threats are related to the external factors. You have to provide the recommendations in your report about how the business can maximise its strengths and opportunities and how it can minimise the weaknesses and threats.

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