How to Write a Successful Animated Disney Movie

Animated movies have gained a lot of admiration and success in the last decade. Many famous actors and actresses have given their unique voices for the animated characters which have made them more popular. Most of the animated movies are made for the kids and families. However, they are equally admired by the people of almost all ages.

If you want to write a successful animated Disney movie, you must possess creative writing ability and deep imagination. In addition, you should be very good at analysing the things critically. You can take help from the given steps to write your animated movie.


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    First of all, you have to read as much stories as you can so as to open your mind for thinking. You can also watch different animated movies which are released every year. It will help you in creating an initial understanding about the taste of the audience. Besides, with critical reading, you can also improve your analytical skills.

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    Then, you have to create a social setting for your story. In other movies, the social setting is mostly related with economics, politics, religion or culture. But, in animated movie, you are free to create your own social setting.

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    Script writing is the heart of the movie for which you will have to define and explain the nature of the characters which are included in your story. You can simply make some good characters and some bad characters. It is extremely important for you to make create a hero in your movie who will fight with the evil forces to spread goodness. On the other hand, don’t forget to create a villain in your movie who will have great power and strength, but will ultimately be defeated by the hero in the end.

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    The supporting characters are also very important. Some of the characters will support the hero of your movie and some will support the villain. Moreover, you must also write about the characteristics of all the characters so that you can easily portray them in front of your audience.

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    After writing your movie, you will have to go through it thoroughly so as to find and correct any mistakes. Then, you can just go and sell or make your animated Disney movie.

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