How to Write a Theater Report

Plays and dramas are great things to experience and should be done by everyone at least once in their lifetime, if not more. Regular attendees can tell you that plays are sometimes more dramatic and breathtaking than any movie you have probably ever seen because the show is going on live, right in front of your eyes.

For those who are assigned to write a theater report, it may seem difficult, but will open up a whole new world of possibilities and interests for you. These are not reviews or previews of the play that you are going to see, but totally something else. Following a proper guideline will obviously make it easier for you in the end and give your teacher a reason to smile.

Things Required:

– The play/musical/drama you wish to see

– A copy of the script, which is recommended but optional


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    Choose the Show

    Knowing which play/musical/drama you are going to see is the first step of making a theater report. Until and unless you have not made up your mind in this regard, there is no point thinking about writing a theater report. Most of the time, your teacher will assign the show for you and it may not always be one that you are interested in, but spending that time to watch and really learn it may just change your view in that perspective.

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    Attending the show is obviously the most important part of the whole report writing process. You should not be writing your report while watching the show, but instead, should be taking down quick notes whenever you see there being an important aspect that would be helpful towards it. Bring a notebook with you for sure and write about how the setting makes you fell, how well organized the production was, lighting, acting and the overall experience. What do you feel like after watching it? All these questions are important for reading out later.

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    Reread and Write

    When you get home, take some time out to think about how the play made you feel and if there are any other things you would like to add. If you were not alone, ask the person who came along with you the same questions and see what answers they give. Finally, begin writing the report with a mind full of the play and write each paragraph discussing one aspect of it. If the play had a meaning, describe it as well as you can, but now all shows will have a meaning.

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