Long Leave Application Letter

With modern businesses focusing on people and their productivity, HR departments have developed numerous regulations and policies to govern issues that employees can face. These policies usually address benefits, compensations and leaves. If you intend to apply for a long leave, you first need to check in with your HR to find out whether you are eligible or not. Once everything is settled, you should follow the instructions below to write a long leave application letter.

Tips for Writing a Long Leave Application Letter

  • Make it clear that you intend to go on a long leave.
  • State a clear time frame for the leave duration.
  • Give a reason for your long leave request.
  • Delegate your work for the leave duration.


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    Sample of a Long Leave Application Letter #1

    Mr. Anthony Montana
    Head Customer Relations
    ABC Limited
    123 Business Ave, Chicago

    September 24, 2011

    Dear Mr. Montana,

    After your recommendation during our conversation last week, I am writing to you today to request a long leave from June 1 to June 30. I need the one month to recover from my Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal).

    My doctor has recommended that I have the surgery performed as soon as possible. I will be more than willing to provide all medical records and certificates upon my return.

    I will be on bed rest after the surgery and will not be able to attend many phone calls. Hence, I recommend that Timothy Cruz be assigned my tasks until I return. He is familiar with my projects and should not have any problems covering on my behalf.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Jacob Firth,
    Customer Service Executive

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    Long Leave Application Letter Sample #2

    Riz Khan
    Operations Manger

    David Lenon
    Line Manager

    Date: September 24, 2010

    Subject: Long Leave

    Mr. Khan,

    I would like to request a 3-week long leave, starting on March 20th. I will be returning to the factory on April 16 to pick up my duties. The reason for my extended leave is the expected delivery of my first child.

    My wife does not have any family in the area and I will need to be at home to help her recover after birth. I will also be taking care of my child the first week so that my wife is not overburdened with a hectic workload.

    I have several projects in the pipeline, and since I will be working on them from home, my work will not be affected. If someone needs to contact me from the office I will try to be available via phone or email.

    Thank you for considering my request.

    David Lenon

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    Template of a Long Leave Application Letter

    (Manager's Full Name)
    (Manager's Position)
    (Complete company name)
    (Company address)


    Dear (Manager's last name),

    After your recommendation during our conversation last week, I am writing to you today to request a long leave from (Dates of leave). I need the (Days/weeks off) to recover from (Short Description of why leave is required).

    I am writing this letter to formally request a (Number of days) long leave in order to (Your reason/Medical/Family Issues/Personal).

    My annual leave balance has (Number of remaining leaves) leaves remaining, and I intend to utilize them. If my leave is approved, I will be gone between (Date of start) and (Date of end).

    During my absence, I will be (Working from home/available via phone or email) and (Colleague name) will be covering on my behalf.

    If you any concerns, please feel free to communicate them.

    Looking forward to a positive response,


    (You complete Name)
    (Your Position)

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