How to Write Your About Me Page

Some things may appear to be quite simple, but they can be confusing in reality. Most of the times, we don’t give much importance to such tasks and keep them for the end, as we believe that they would only take a couple of minutes to be performed. However, when we start working on them, we end up clueless. One of these things is writing your ‘About Me’ page, which is normally found everywhere on the social networking websites.

Most of us claim that we know ourselves better than anyone else, but that is completely different to writing about yourself. The latter part can be confusing, as you have to decide on important things like, what to share with others and what not. Therefore, you have to think before mentioning something on your personal page.

Whenever we meet someone new, we never give out personal details other than just telling our name to the other person. We expect some mutual friends to introduce us to the new person. In case there is no common friend, others can find about us through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Similarly, we can do the same, when we need to learn something about someone else.


  • 1

    Know yourself

    Before writing about yourself that others can read, you should be aware of actually who you are. There should be no contradictions in what you do and what you write about yourself. So carefully examine all characteristics before sharing them.

  • 2

    Focus on important things

    Note down all the characteristics of your personality and point out the important ones. Once you have done that, you can easily share them with friends and colleagues on your about me page.

  • 3

    Avoid controversial statements

    You may have different ideas and thoughts compared to the people around you, which is not a bad thing at all. However, it is not ideal to mention something controversial about you.

  • 4

    Be natural

    Some people try to put a fake mask on their faces and hide the truth from their friends. This is not a good thing though, so make sure that you act naturally, even when you are just writing something about yourself.

  • 5

    Mention positive things

    Try mentioning positive things about yourself, as that is the best way of earning a good reputation amongst everyone.

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