Internship Application Email

In the last year of your undergraduate programme, you have to do an internship to get practical exposure about your field of interest by working in an organisation. In order to get an internship in a good organisation, you will have to write an application email.

Writing an effective internship application email requires a lot of attention as you have to persuade the recruiter without any kind of verbal communication.

In the first paragraph, you have to introduce yourself properly after greeting and explaining the purpose of your email. Then, in the second paragraph, you have to write about educational background and why you want to work as an intern in that organisation. In the third paragraph, express gratitude and willingness for doing internship.


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    Sample of Internship Application Email


    Subject: Internship Application Email

    Dear Adam,

    I am a last year student at Los Angeles State University, studying Graphic Design and writing this email to apply for an internship at your well-established and well-reputed organisation.

    Your organisation has received many awards and is very famous for producing creative artwork and digital designs. Besides, it has recently gained a lot of fame because of its inclination towards promoting young talent and hard work. I have been very good in my studies of graphic design and have received several awards during the last three years for my creative artwork. Furthermore, I have maintained a CGPA of 3.70 out of 4.00 until now and have received many merit scholarships from my university and the state government for academic excellence. I am currently working on my project of corporate branding and I found your organisation the best place to nurture my skills and abilities to become a better graphic designer. Therefore, I would like to work with your organisation as an intern.

    If you want any other details, you can call or email me. Thanks a lot for your time.


    Jim Anderson Jr.

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    Template of Internship Application Email

    To: [name of recipient]

    Subject: [subject of the email]

    Dear [name of the receiver],

    I am a sophomore at Louisiana State University and about to complete my final year of BSC (Hons.) in Graphic Design. I am writing this email to apply for an internship in your organisation.

    I have done a lot of research about your organisation and I am impressed with your creative artwork and the tendency to promote young talent. I have been really good in my academics and have received a couple of awards in the national graphic designing competitions.

    Thank you for your time. I am earnestly waiting for your reply.


    [Your name]
    [Your email address]
    [Your phone number]

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