Investigate Harmful Effects of Acid Rain

When vehicles release black smoke containing high content of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases, it is harmful for most living things. These gases remain in the atmosphere and  convert into certain acidic substances when it rains, causing damage to the land, plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure. This type of rain in which the rainwater contains acidic substances is called acid rain. The harmful effects of acid rain can be demonstrated by means of a very simple experiment. There is no need to wait for acid rain to perform it. It just requires a few things which are easily available in your house and the following listed things should be available.

Things Required:

– Masking tape
– Pen
– 1 cup vinegar
– Measuring cup
– 2 pieces of white chalk
– 2 small clear drinking glasses


  • 1

    Gather all materials

    Gather all the required materials in one single place so that you do not need to fetch them every now and then during the experiment.

  • 2

    Two separate glasses

    With the help of a pen, pencil or marker, write “Water” on the first glass and “Vinegar” on the second glass to avoid any confusion.

  • 3

    Pouring Water & Vinegar

    Now pour about a cup of water in the glass labeled “Water” and in the same way, pour a cup of vinegar in the glass labeled “Vinegar”.

  • 4

    Testing with Chalk

    Immerse a piece of chalk in both the glasses such that half part of the chalk is inside the glass and half is outside. Use support to position the chalks upright and place them at a safe place.

  • 5

    Comparing two Chalks

    When you take the chalks out of both liquids to observe, it will be noticed that the chalk immersed in Vinegar has a changed condition as compared to the one in water. To be exact, it will be corroded and the one immersed in water will remain as it was.

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