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Companies and organisation hire new employees all the time. If you are working in the Human Resource Department of an organisation, you may find yourself in need of writing an email to a candidate who had applied for a certain post.

Start the email by informing the candidate about the decision of your hiring team. This means that you will have to inform the candidate about selection or rejection. In case of rejection, write a few lines about why they didn’t get the job. In case of selection, inform the candidate about the date of joining and conclude the email accordingly.


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    Sample of Interview Decision Email

    Subject: Informing about the decision interview

    Dear Mr. Anderson,

    I am pleased to inform you that you selected for the post of Operations Manager following your interview at XYZ Enterprises Limited. Our hiring team was very pleased with your knowledge about managing operations in an organisation and the level of your self-confidence.

    However, before your confirmation at XYZ Enterprises Limited as an Operations Manager, we would need to establish the authenticity of your documents that you submitted along with your application. For this reason, you are required to come to our branch office with originals of all the necessary documents. Please reach the branch office on Monday, May 13, at 10am.

    Your acknowledgement of this email would be highly appreciated.

    At XYZ Enterprises Limited, we are looking forward to a beneficial professional association with you.


    Angela Williams
    HR Manager
    XYZ Enterprises Limited

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    Template of Interview Decision Email

    To: [Recipient’s email address]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Recipient’s last name with title],

    I regret to inform you that you did not qualify for the post of [Designation for which the candidate was interviewed] at [Company’s name]. There were a number of factors which lead to this decision. Above all was the factor that the post of [Designation for which the candidate was interviewed] requires high level of self-confidence which is lacking in your case.

    However, there are a number of other job opportunities which you might want to consider. Please feel free to contact me for further details if you are interested in working at [Company’s name].


    [Your name]
    [Your designation]
    [Company’s name]

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