Layoff Email From Boss

Layoff emails are a method used by many companies around the world to terminate their employees. The reasons behind the termination of an individual’s services are also explained through this type of email. It is important that the language used in a layoff email to an employee from a boss be highly professional, and the writing be kept as concise as possible.

A layoff email should be sent directly to the email address of the terminated employee, while the concerned manager or the supervisor should also be copied on the email. It is vital to avoid the use of harsh language in a layoff email, and one should also appreciate the previous services rendered by the employee who is being terminated.

In the opening paragraph of the email, you should clearly state the reason behind the termination of the employee, and go into the details of the decision taken by the management in the body of the email.

In the concluding paragraph of a layoff email, offer your best wishes for the future of the employee in question, and thank him/her for past services.


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    Sample of Layoff Email From Boss



    Subject: Termination

    Dear Christopher,

    As you have failed to meet your targets since the past two weeks, the management has decided to terminate your services, effective from today.

    You were given ample time and warning to meet your targets, but you failed to do so. Our company is presently not in a position to accommodate employees who are not performing as per the requirement.

    We appreciate your services as you have been a valuable employee of the company throughout the past two years. We wish you the very best for your future.


    Stephen Howard

    CEO, Global Alliance Inc.

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    Template of Layoff Email From Boss

    To: [email address of the terminated employee]

    Cc: [email address of the concerned manager, team lead or supervisor]

    Subject: Termination

    Dear [name of the terminated employee]

    This is to inform you that the company no longer requires your services, due to your indiscipline and failure to comply with the professional standards that are expected of all our employees.

    You were consistently warned about punctuality and observing office decorum; however, you failed to correct your attitude in the given timeframe, which has led the management to take this harsh but necessary step.

    In the previous year, you did an excellent job and met your targets regularly, which is appreciated by the management.

    We wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours.


    [Your name]


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