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Every year Leeds’ Brahman Park hosts the Leeds festival which is a sister event of the Reading Festival. The Leeds festival is a part of the Reading festival because the organizers are the same and all the line-ups play at both venues but Leeds festival is primarily a music festival that showcases talent from around the world. Most bands and acts at the event fall in the genre of Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk and Indie Rock. The atmosphere at the Leeds festival is highly energetic and participants are usually young adults or teenagers that come to take a peek at their favourite artists. The event is usually sold out, even though the festival grounds are designed to support as many as 75,000 people.

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    The Leeds festival was born out of a need for more space at the Reading festival. In 1999, Leeds was used for the first time as a second venue for Reading. Since then, the event has taken place every year alongside its sister festival. The opening and closing acts switch between the two venues so that there is continuity in the line-ups.  The Leeds festival has grown rapidly over the years and supports almost the same number of people as Reading does. There are some differences between the two events though, including the traditions that are followed.

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    Leeds has multiple open air stages and arenas where bands put on rocking shows. There is also a cinema tent that plays movies all through the night with the play list being finalized a week before. There are also Secret Sets where reputed bands do surprise performances under assumed names. Leeds also hosts a 5-a-side football tournament in which teams register to get a chance to compete for the title. The Leeds festival also has the Silent Disco, similar to Reading.

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    Important Dates

    Summer - August (The festival always takes place on the August bank Holiday weekend).

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    The Leeds event has a duration of three days.

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    How to Contact

    Getting in touch with the festival organizers is an email or phone call away:

    Emial: Leeds@FestivalRepublic.com
    Ticket queries: +44 115 912 9000
    Festival Organizers: +44 20 7009 3001

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    Bramham Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 6LS, United Kingdom.

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    You can purcase tickets online or by calling at +44 870 060 3775.

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    How to get to the Leeds Festival

    By Train

    There isn't a train station that is within a mile's distance around the location of the festival so the next best public transport option to use is commuting through a bus.

    By Bus

    The closest bus stop to the venue is Bramham, Bramham Road (SW-bound). From there, participants can head northeaast on Thorner Road. Make a right onto the restricted access South Approach and take it all the way to Bramham Park. View Map.

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